Sunday, May 10, 2009

She seems vague

She's walking on a busy upscale street by herself. She looks around... at the scene, at the people, at the surroundings. She smiles. Sometimes she has a snob, stern, serious expression on her face. She stops when something caught her attention. But she just walks and looks around and walks and goes around. What is she thinking? What is running through her mind? She looks down the ground, she looks up to the sky, she looks far beyond the horizon... far beyond the street as if searching for someone or something. She walks faster, then slows down, then faster, then slows down again. Where is she heading to? She gets inside the stores and checks some stuff, like she has so much interest in it but only for the first few seconds and realized she doesn't need them and then leaves.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Die Tageszeitung

Dear Angela,

We published one of your Macau photos on the website of the german newspaper Die Tageszeitung. It fits perfectly to an article about Bungee Jumping and Sky Walking in the travel section.


Thank you very much

Petra Zornemann, Berlin

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

When I forget what I love, I forget who I am

I make everything I do very personal. I try to connect with everyone I meet. I love people, I love diversity, I love learning, I love adventure, I love arts and culture, I love nature, I love life. But sometimes, I forget all of that. Those are the hardest times... Because when I forget what I love, I forget who I am. I lack purpose, direction, and strength.

One of the most important things in my life is to take time for myself --- time to think, time to pamper, time to listen to music, time to clean the room and time to do all the little things that can’t be ignored. I have to remind myself over and over again to take time for these things and that they are necessary for my well being. But why is it so hard to remember?

I thought maybe because it’s the fast pace around me...the fast pace of the world today. That is to say the general way that living has changed.

I often become so involved in my job, that I don’t do well on a personal level. While it is so important for me to do something I enjoy for a living, it is also important for me to enjoy how I live. Now I do a lot of forgetting. And it has become necessary to remember what’s so wonderful about my life and myself and work through daily happenings that challenge my self esteem and distract me from truly loving who I am. Yes, we are the basis of our own happiness, but how can we spread the joy if we lose ourselves in the day to day??

Friday, March 28, 2008

for shiny....

I suppose I'm not really asking much out of life. I have stopped searching for one big tremendous event that would happen to me. NICE and SIMPLE things can last forever.

I know people have to change and they have to live lives and they have to go away. No matter how deep and special a relationship between people, it's very hard somehow to keep it ever alive with constant meetings and everyday contacts...and it is sad.

All I'm asking is to have experienced having a friend at one or another. If I have able to experience the person that is my friend, then that's enough for me. We don't have to see each other everyday because we know it's not what matters most. We have been a part of each other and no one can take that away from us... and that part of each other we shall always keep in our hearts – and it will never die. If ever we want to remember, it will always be there to recall, to treasure, and to cherish. I guess that's what lasts forever.

It makes me sad sometimes to think that we're apart, but then I will remember the happiness that we shared and I shall not be sorry. I will have to think that for a magic moment in time... we shared something – and that something seemed like everything.

That we are apart doesn't make it less special. Time and distance don't have any power over what we shared.

The next time I see you again, nothing will be changed because you have made your place somewhere in my heart and you shall always be there no matter what. That special feeling will always remain fresh and young.

I know we shall have to go our ways, I take my path and you take yours. But I shall be happy thinking... that our road crossed and we walk together.

Thanks for everything. Thanks for never giving up with me and even on me. This is just the beginning of a lasting friendship we have built together.

I will see you again! :)))

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Everything’s gonna be all right :)

I’ve recently been blessed with the opportunity to take a break from the daily grind... to pause... and just live without worries of work and relations. I took a break from everything that is usual in my life. Lately, I’ve been questioning my life and where I was headed. I’ve done some re-evaluating and soul-searching. I’m happy to say that I have progressed and learned a lot over the past year. This break gave me time to remember the important things in my life.

Writing this blog has been one of the best things I’ve done for myself. It is time for me to reflect, figure and analyze all I want. It has enabled me to piece together my scrambled thoughts and take the time that I really need to puzzle together my truths.

Naturally, I think about things that others would prefer to ignore. It’s important for me to come to an understanding (to know the hows and whys) of everything and everyone that crosses my path. I don’t know if the need to understand built my empathy or if my empathy built my need to understand. My tendency to over analyze can bring me down to depression, or it can lift me to new levels of understanding. It seems to be one extreme or the other.

I am writing this to bring together my thoughts, questions, doubts and answers from the past few weeks. I’ve remembered that:

* Life is always an adventure.
* Bad things and hard times are common, our actions and reactions set the results.
* Good friends stay, come what may.
* Sometimes it’s good to stop thinking and just live.
* Progress never ends.
* Life is good and beautiful.

I’m walking away from a big obstacle in my life...(well, at least for the moment). It has been stressful, tense, and uncomfortable, but the happiness and relief I feel tell me that I’m on the right path. And I just know... everything’s gonna be all right :)

Saturday, October 20, 2007

A bit traumatic

In a matter of 20 minutes I could almost die. Now a day later, the images of chaos and fear flash clearly on my mind. I just close my eyes and cry silently inside and feel sorry for the innocent victims. I pray and thank the Lord and my guardian angel for saving and protecting me. I realized that I could almost die if I have not left 20 minutes earlier the area that was later bombed. When I look back to what had happened... I start to cry a bit... I’m scared, shocked, sad, but thankful... I really don’t know... it’s a mixed emotion.

I was at a shopping mall yesterday with a friend. She needed to buy a dress for a party she’d be attending, and I was there to accompany her and help her find one. While she was trying on some clothes at the fitting room, I was there standing and waiting... then suddenly I heard something like an explosion that rocked the whole building. I wasn’t sure if there was an explosion but I thought it was an earthquake. Then the people at the hallway started running almost panicking and I overheard that a bomb exploded. I told my friend to be quick. I’m getting scared already but I did not panic. As we quickly tried to exit the building, a large smoke of dust was at the other side and we saw a man drenched in blood rushed into the ambulance as the people were running and panicking. It was all chaos and fear that surrounded the place. And what was a happy and lively atmosphere few minutes earlier turned into mayhem.
Yesterday at 1:00 PM on my way to the mall, I passed by a Chinese restaurant, then 20 minutes later it was bombed. Now, I’m here... alive... living life to the fullest.

Monday, August 06, 2007

One rainy afternoon...

The rain...
Its enduring power to keep you sad.
Makes you think a lot, sleep a lot, dream a lot.
Sit by the window, lie in the bed.
You think about your life at present,
Your life in the past,
Your unknown life ahead,
And your life that you wish could be.

The air smells filthy.
The sky is dark,
The birds playing "It" in mid-air,
The raindrops sound beautifully like waters flowing in a little falls.

The rain is a bless.
The land so dry, so thirsty.
I overheard on the news... a storm is coming
But people rejoice, giving warm welcome
As prayers were heard.